Kerlon's Softwares

Software applications are powerful tools in the battle to make your business more efficient and effective. Kerlon Technologies solutions are complemented by a full range of services, providing a single point of accountability and promoting a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.


It's an outsourcing encyclopedia that covers just about everything you'd want to know about BPO -its evolution, its trends in the marketplace today, white papers, stages, benefits, evolving models and future offshore BPO trends.

Research & Development

Kerlon Technologies research and development team expert in the values, knowledge, skills and vision are developing innovative methodologies. They are operating at the interface of research, practice,policy and enterprise.

Software that allows owners to maintain their web site content with easy to use forms. Just log on to the site and add, edit, and delete website content instantaneously.

Collect feedback for your research. Knowing the pulse of the mass.
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