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A site that is totally dedicated to collecting opinions and knowing the pulse of the mass. Voterspedia allows the public to present their topic for voting and feedback collection. The topics will be posted only after approval by the moderators, thus ensuring safe and respectable opinion polls. The voters are required to login in order to register their votes, which guarantee a high level of accuracy in the results. The site maybe in future used for research purposes and feedback collection pertaining to the accuracy level obtained in the same. more »


The Kerlonteam has worked to put together a non-profit site that will be an asset to the Malayali brotherhood worldwide. More than often, online users find it very difficult to coin in on the very information that they need on a particular service or item on the state. Ever searched for cheap place to stay in Cochin or for a place to shop in Calicut online, and the search engine leads you right to the hotel in Antarctica? Well, put an end to it. When you want something in Kerala then look in Kerala, not in Antarctica!!! more »

YumGrub coming soon
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