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Experience elections and opinion polls with greater satisfaction and higher rate of accuracy online. Voters can log in online with their passwords and vote or upload their opinion poll for public voting, which mean you can sit at home, use you mobile or even log in during work and let the world know of your opinions and collect the feed back of the world on your mind boggling questions and opinion polls. Online votes and election can especially be of great help to researchers, social workers and magazines, as it ensures greater accuracy, reliability, safer options, larger number of votes, lower costs and near instant poll results.

A site that is totally dedicated to collecting opinions and knowing the pulse of the mass. Voterspedia allows the public to present their topic for voting and feedback collection. The topics will be posted only after approval by the moderators, thus ensuring safe and respectable opinion polls. The voters are required to login in order to register their votes, which guarantee a high level of accuracy in the results. The site maybe in future used for research purposes and feedback collection pertaining to the accuracy level obtained in the same.

The user logs in with his account in Voterspedia and submits his query or topic for the poll/vote. The user can employ any number of options to his queries. The number of votes will be recorded along with a pie diagram of the same and is visible at the discretion of the user. The site is open for all international user and all countries.
User friendly
Moderator controlled for accuracy
Results in pie diagram
Easy to register
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